• ... she is the consummate professional, incredibly detail oriented, and makes sure that new associates get the best of care during a very stressful time
    of transition...

    paula barton,
    bs pharmd jd chc,
    senior director - compliance - health
    and wellness

executive search

More than ever before, talent is critical to organizational success. Employers need dedicated and capable contributors who are performing at their peak in order to survive and prosper in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing and highly competitive global marketplace. Our firm enhances our recruitment practice with the proven 21st Century Career Fitness model that develops, supports, and reinforces the retention and advancement of healthy careers and happy associates.

Our team is experienced at resolving hard-to-fill searches in the fields of corporate communications, media relations, corporate affairs, government relations, lobbyists, public affairs, global ethics, political and strategic communications, corporate giving, nonprofit foundation, public health research, private hospital, higher education, diversity relations, environmental sustainability, financial services, health and wellness, benefits administration, and regulatory affairs for award-winning, FORTUNE 10, and start-up enterprises.

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