• She looks at the needs and expectations of both parties. She looks at what both parties can do to complement the other. It is clear she either really loves what she does or she is just naturally good at it!
  • carissa picard, esq., president, military spouses of america

Career advancement

Career Fitness Principle #1 – You are the captain of your career and the keeper of its health.

“You can decide to do nothing and ensure that you’ll be the butt of change, or you can step to the head of your career and put change to work for you.” Peter Weddle

Career Fitness Principle #2 – You must exercise your freedom to experience the best of what’s inside of you.

Career counselors have been promoting career self-management since at least the early 1990s. What Career Fitness offers is a way to do it! – Peter Weddle, author and founder of Career Fitness.com.

Career Fitness Principle #3 – Stretching yourself to achieve a healthy career doesn’t hurt, but instead, empowers you to feel happy.

Career Fitness Principle #4 – Your best work never ends, nor does your responsibility for performing it.

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